Microscopy Instruction, Consultation & Analysis

Axiall Corporation

“The customized Asbestos Quantitation Course MICA developed and presented on-site at Axiall Corporation last year made a world of difference in my team’s confidence in asbestos fiber quantitation. Peter not only taught them new techniques of quantitation, he helped us with supplier information to purchase equipment, led a conference call with Research Triangle Institute (RTI) to answer questions we had about grading parameters, and reviewed and made recommendations for our asbestos procedures — just in time for our AIHA reaccreditation site visit.

As a result of MICA instruction, our most recent AIHA PAT round yielded what I call a “perfect score”! I am just so proud of what my analysts have accomplished. I think they actually look forward to the Quarterly PATs now, unlike in the past when they dreaded them.

Thank you for being a valuable resource to our laboratory… and such a pleasure to work with!”