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MICA — Microscopy Instruction, Consultation and Analysis — was founded by Peter M. Cooke in 1999. Since that time, the firm has delivered outstanding microscopy training, consulting and analytical services to independent laboratories, corporations, military and governmental bodies in the United States and abroad.

Microscopy Instruction

Teaching is a personal and professional passion for Peter M. Cooke, MICA’s founder. Each MICA course is designed to offer you microscopy training in a way that both informs and inspires. Individual microscopes for each and every student and plenty of personalized attention ensure you return to your laboratory ready to master what you learned in the classroom.

MICA understands the wide range of challenges your laboratory routinely faces. That’s why our microscopy education philosophy combines a practical approach to sample analysis with a grounding in underlying microscopical theory. By the end of each course, you can expect to learn the methodologies, techniques and instrumentation that promote accurate analyses.

MICA courses are held throughout the year in Chicago, IL and Hayward, CA.  For a more customized course, MICA can bring an entire laboratory-classroom onsite to your facility. MICA also delivers customized one- and two-day seminars onsite.


MICA offers consulting services to laboratories, microscopy training facilities and government agencies. An international expert in asbestos identification, Peter M. Cooke has served as a Technical Assessor for the NVLAP/NIST Asbestos Bulk PLM program since 1988, assessing approximately 300 member laboratories. He is also on the adjunct faculty of the Hooke College of Applied Sciences.


Select sample analysis is performed for independent laboratories and government agencies.

Partial Client List
United States

American Electric Power
Axiall Corporation
Duke Energy
Florida Light & Power
Forensic Analytical
New Century Energies
PPG, Inc.
U.S. Army and Navy Medical Units


AREC Environmental Group
Bruce Power
Manitoba Hydro
MB Laboratories, Ltd
Nova Scotia Power
Ontario Power Generation
Pinchin Environmental, Ltd.
Saskatchewan Power
Canfor Pulp and Paper


ACTY Company; EFA Laboratories – Japan
Labtox; Easy Amiante; Surcotec; SciTec Research – Switzerland
National Institute of Environmental Research/Ministry of the Environment – South Korea
U.S. Army Medical Units – Germany and Japan
U.S. Naval Hospital – Okinawa