Microscopy Instruction, Consultation & Analysis

Onsite Courses

MICA travels…delivering customized microscopy instruction when and where you need it!    

Since its founding in 1999, MICA has brought its laboratory-classroom and industry expertise directly to laboratories and organizations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

MICA’s entire roster of capacity-building, customized and comprehensive weeklong microscopy courses can be delivered to you onsite.  Courses combine lectures and hands-on practical application so students learn both the theoretical underpinnings of microscopy, as well as how to apply that knowledge to the analysis of real-world samples. An expansive sample library gives students access to the vast array of particles and fibers they may encounter in the laboratory.

Here’s How Your Laboratory Benefits from MICA Instruction:

  • Coursework can be customized to meet specific analytical and training needs
  • Real-world client samples can be analyzed during the course
  • Analysts gain better understanding and application of proper QA/QC protocols
  • Learning with colleagues fosters post-course collaboration and knowledge-sharing
  • Individual microscope maximizes hands-on learning opportunities
  • Avoids disruption of employees personal lives