Microscopy Instruction, Consultation & Analysis

Onsite Seminars

Microscopy Refresher Seminars

MICA’s one- and two-day refresher seminars deliver a variety of educational benefits to laboratories. All seminars are taught by Peter M. Cooke.

Benefits of MICA Seminars

  • Fully customizable
  • Fulfills NVLAP and AIHA requirements for ongoing training
  • Limits disruption to work flow and other laboratory activities
  • Addresses common real-world problems facing analysts
  • Refreshes the theoretical understanding and enhances the day-to-day performance of laboratory personnel
  • Learning with colleagues fosters post-course collaboration and knowledge-sharing

One-day seminar

  • Lectures and demonstrations on microscopical theory and practical analysis
  • Video demonstration from the microscope
  • Customized to address particular laboratory needs
  • Q&A

Two-day seminar

In addition to the above, two-day seminar provides these additional components:
  • Additional microscopy training customized to meet your needs
  • Observation and evaluation of laboratory processes and analysts at work
  • Individualized instruction and coaching
  • Q&A

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